CS 1.6 Online.

CS 1.6 Online - Most important info about CS 1.6 online game.

CS 1.6 Online - Counter Strike 1.6 Online is one of latest CS 1.6 game modified version's. What I'll find in this version of the game? First of all in CS 1.6 Online game version is fixed all known multiplayer game mode bug's, second there are a lot of nice updated game model's (skin's), sound's and/or effect's, there are added some new singleplayer game mode's with zombie's etc. Under this article you'll find two image's of the gameplay, first one show's how look's old version's of Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay and second one show's how look's a new version (Online) of the game. Just choose how do you want to download CS 1.6 Online (directly or using torrent client (application)), click button and install game!

Image of old CS 1.6 game version, to see new design of CS 1.6 online game version. Image of CS 1.6 online.

Image of Download CS 1.6 Online setup button. Image of Download CS 1.6 Online torrent button.