CS 1.6 V48.

CS 1.6 V48 - Article about this game version.

CS 1.6 V48 - It's version 48 of Counter Strike 1.6 game, we publishing CS 1.6 V48 setup file. Counter Strike 1.6 V48 was released few years ago, in this version of the game developers was included all known bug's fix's and made some small update's for the game CS 1.6. At now version 48 of Counter-Strike 1.6 game is using worldwide, because it's one of the most stable version's of CS 1.6. People can download CS 1.6 V48 very easily, because it's published worldwide and now a lot of websites publishing this version of the game.
We added two screen-shot's of CS 1.6 V48 gameplay, it's very good, because a lot of player's don't know how look's version 48 of CS 1.6 game.

CS 1.6 V48 first screen-shot image. CS 1.6 V48 second screen-shot image.

Download CS 1.6 V48 button image - Download CS 1.6 version 48 directly and for free. Image of CS 1.6 V48 torrent download button.