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CS 1.6 Original.

It's a ORIGINAL Counter Strike 1.6 game, without any modification's (sound's, map's, model's and other game files isnt modified). A lot of CS 1.6 player's use this classic version of the game, because this game version dont have any modification's (we already mentioned about it), if you use this version of the game you will forget about ping or fps problem's in the game. If you want to download CS 1.6 ORIGINAL directly please click "DOWNLOAD SETUP" button, if you want to download this version of the game through torrent application please click "DOWNLOAD TORRENT" button and opent torrent file with your default torrent client. We just added few screen-shot's of gameplay and game.

CS 1.6 Original - First screen-shot, terrorist's team, class choosing. CS 1.6 Original - Second screen-shot, Counter-Terrorist's (CT's) team, class choosing.
CS 1.6 Original - Find Server's, options and other dialogs. Screen-Shot of CS 1.6 Original gameplay.

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