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CS 1.6 gameplay Screen shots.
CS 1.6 gameplay. Two players of terrorists team staying near CT base, plant at de_dust map. Download CS 1.6 game version v44 for free from website. Screen-Shot of CS 1.6 gameplay, action in terrorists base at de_dust2 map - Deceitful ladder spray. You can Download Counter Strike game by clicking direct link which is on our website. Screenshot of CS 1.6 de_dust2_2x2 map - Counter Terrorists team member (CT) targeting the enemy - Terrorists team member (player). You can download this game directly or using torrent client. DE_DUST map - Terrorists base. This screen-shot shows how seems modified skins (models) of players and guns.

In these photos you can see a few moments from CS 1.6 game better in these photos are displayed in the original and modified CS 1.6 game models (players and weapons), the action takes place in the game maps: de_dust and de_dust2.

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Counter Strike 1.6 download.

Do you want to download Counter Strike 1.6 game and don't know how to do it? We have a solution for this problem, just read on and follow few simple steps.
Firstly you need to know one very important thing and it's your internet connection - It's good or not, if it's good then you have no more problems, just look for direct download button which is below this text and near Counter Strike 1.6 torrent download button, just click on it, if you dont have default downloads folder you need to select where you want to save the game setup file and just wait for download finish, but if your internet connection isn't very fast you'll need go to CS 1.6 TORRENT download page.

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Counter Strike 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first-person shooter genre game with a singleplayer and multiplayer features, CS 1.6 game is older than 10 years, but it's still popular.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game is full of action and adventure's, it's one of the best team games - In this game, without your team, you're practically powerless, because it's the real real team game and this perfectly justifies the saying: One is not a warrior. In the game players fighting with pistols, rifles, smg, machine guns, sniper guns, knives and grenades. For extra protection you can buy shield (available for Counter-Terrorist's only), helmet or kevlar+helmet. Maximum number of player's in server's is 32 (16 Terrorist's vs. 16 Counter-Terrorist's), a lot of times was tried to increase maximum slot's from 32 to more, but all of attempts was unsuccessful. The main point of CS 1.6 game is kill all member's of enemies team, plant C4 (for Terrorist's) or deffuse C4 (for Counter-Terrorist's), rescue hostages, rescue or kill VIP member.
Multiplayer - When you will play this mode of the game, you will play against real opponents, CS 1.6 multiplayer game available in Internet or LAN network's.
Singleplayer - When you will choose this mode of the game, you will play with computer-generated, virtual opponents (CPU Player's/bot's).
Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the oldest, first-person shooter type game's. Counter-Strike 1.6 game are owned by Valve Corporation, CS 1.6 game is a modification of Half-Life game.
Counter-Strike 1.6 was released in 2003 and currently is very popular Counter-Strike game version.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers have a lot of modifications, such as the Zombie Plague, DeathMatch (CSDM), Surf and other less popular server-side modification's. CS 1.6 game have a lot of servers worldwide. You don't need a powerfull personal computer (PC) if you want to play CS 1.6 game because CS 1.6 requirements is minimal.

Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay. Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay.

Counter-Strike 1.6 requirements.
CS 1.6 game requirements.

Recommended requirements for stable Counter-Strike 1.6 game gameplay:
1. Your PC must have CPU with a clock speed of 800 MHz or higher if you want to play CS 1.6.
2. Your PC must have 256 MB+ of RAM if you want to play CS 1.6.
3. Your PC must have 64 MB+ of video card RAM if you want to play CS 1.6.
4. Your PC must have ~800 MB of free disk space if you want successfull install CS 1.6 game.
5. Your PC operating system must be Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
6. If you want to play CS 1.6 you will need working pc mouse and keyboard.
7. If you want to play CS 1.6 online you must have internet access (for MultiPlayer CS 1.6 game mode), recommended internet speed for good gameplay is 120kbps of download speed and 30kbps of upload speed.

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 setup file features.

1. To this Counter-Strike 1.6 game client we just added MasterServer, so now you can see INTERNET server's list with a lot of game servers where you'll can play.
2. This CS 1.6 setup file size is only ~200MB, because we removed all Half-Life map's and other useless file's from our CS 1.6 setup file.
3. This Counter-Strike 1.6 Client is protected from all type's of slowhack method's (slowhack - client game file's change without client accept.).
4. To this CS client we already added BOT's (CPU Player's) with this feature you will be able to play singleplayer game mode against enemies with this CS 1.6 version.
5. To this Counter-Strike 1.6 setup file version we just added fully working CS 1.6 server browser (LAN or INTERNET, added favorites window too.).

Download torrent file of Counter-Strike 1.6.

CS 1.6 torrent download.

It's torrent file of Counter-Strike 1.6 game which allow you to download CS 1.6 game through uTorrent, BitTorrent or another torrent application.
Using torrent application is very useful for people who want to download large file, but their internet speed is slow or they want to download CS 1.6 or another file from foreign WEB site. A lot of people ask - Why using uTorrent application is better than just downloading CS 1.6 from a direct link? I will try to explain: first of all when you use uTorrent application you are able to pause/resume file downloading at any time, in the second when you use one of few torrent client's (application's) you will download your file from people of all around the world (Including your country, same country - Increased download speed), so you will reach maximum speed of your internet connection. Torrent application's are very useful if you use Wi-Fi too.

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